Our mission is to balance functionality and price to give you the best value and service possible

Company Overview

With 27 years of combined experience and three generations of construction and doors, this business has been a part of Brenton and Spencer’s lives since they can remember. Opportunities arose at the end of 2016 that allowed for them to embark on a new journey with an office located in Northern CA.

Spencer was given an opportunity to buy out the company he worked for and asked Brenton, “Do you want to start this business with me.” Brenton left his job, and he and Spencer officially launched Frontier Pacific in January 2017.

With their experience and relationship with one another, they are excited to flourish and grow while sharing their skill and knowledge with others.

Owners of Frontier Pacific Commercial Doors and Equipment
Overhead Garage Door Installer reviewing installation report


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe collaboration is the strongest way to provide our clients with what they want. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we promise to come up with the best solutions to meet your needs.

No problem guarantee

We are confident in our products and our team that we follow this through its expected lifespan. With preventative maintenance on doors, we know we can help them reach their fullest potential.

 ‘Beyond the Project’ guarantee

With our list of highly recommended General Contractors, we are able to provide other services to your locations if needed with preferred pricing.

Core Values

Integrity – We see success through integrity based action. We exemplify this with our service but also the products we recommend during our collaboration process.

Quality – When we chose the brands we would represent, it is with our clients in mind. We want to be remembered by the quality of our workmanship and the longevity of your installment.

Amicable – Committed to keeping lines of communications open so that all situations are a win-win for all parties involved

Pride – We believe in our team, our products and the results that we bring our clients. With our experience we are confident in saying, we are your best choice.

Collaboration – When Frontier takes on a project we believe in a two-way dialogue to reach the best option to fit your needs and desires.


Sectional Doors

Sectional steel doors are one of the most popular and useful options for businesses looking to ensure productivity, security, and protection for their workers and assets.


Rolling/Coiling Doors

Rolling commercial doors, also known as Coiling commercial doors, roll-up overhead for dependable operation and convenient storage.


Specialty and Performance

When you need the ultimate performance and high-quality results from your commercial and industrial doors, Specialty and Performance commercial doors can exceed your expectations.

loading dock equipment

Dock Equipment

An efficient, safe and well-functioning dock is essential to keeping your business operations running smoothly while maintaining productivity.

Overhead garage doors of factory loading bays

Preventative Maintenance Program

Maintenance is the key to keeping your commercial doors and dock equipment running smooth. We offer a Preventative Maintenance Plans (PMP) to keep repair costs down.


Gates and Automation

Automated gates are the perfect blend of classic and contemporary. Custom iron work, including ornamental pieces and furniture/fixtures ensures your gate looks classically stylish without compromising security.


Now offering Commercial Garage Door and Dock Equipment Preventative Maintenance Plans!