Residential and commercial garage doors offer homes and businesses security, convenience and protection. However, under certain conditions residential and commercial doors can become a safety hazard. Accidents and injuries can occur, typically as a result of misuse or human error. Problems can also sometimes be caused by a malfunction in the system.However, by following these 5 steps, your garage doors can provide maximum convenience and value to your home while optimizing safety for your family and business.

Strip commercial doors or strip curtains are a cost-effective and versatile option for partitioning interiors of a commercial building or adding a second layer of protection in addition to another external barrier. Made of PVC or vinyl strips, strip doors are quick to operate and innovative in their simplicity. Here are five reasons why your business should consider using commercial strip doors.

If you have a commercial garage door, it may eventually malfunction, or fail to operate altogether. These problems may not be caused by simple wear and tear. They may be caused by some environmental factor, such as a fallen tree or they could be due to human error, such as having a truck drive into your commercial garage door. Here we consider more about common types of commercial garage door problems and how you can fix them.

When it comes to essential characteristics of commercial overhead doors, insulation is probably not the first thing you think of. However, insulation offers many amazing benefits for commercial overhead doors, beyond just keeping your commercial spaces at a stable temperature. Providing additional comfort and safety,...