If you have a commercial garage door, it may eventually malfunction, or fail to operate altogether. These problems may not be caused by simple wear and tear. They may be caused by some environmental factor, such as a fallen tree or they could be due to human error, such as having a truck drive into your commercial garage door. Here we consider more about common types of commercial garage door problems and how you can fix them.

When it comes to installing new commercial doors or maintaining the ones you already have, you want to work with a well-established commercial door company. Good companies will offer a variety of services and products - but great companies will strive to serve their customers not just sell them services and products. When selecting a commercial door company for door installations, repair or maintenance, here are 4 things to consider.

Your commercial garage door can get dozens if not hundreds of uses per day. And yet day in, day out, your commercial garage door provides protection and security for your business property and assets. It's therefore essential to consider when you should replace your commercial garage door, or whether you can simply repair it and get a few more years of use from it. Fixing commercial doors when they should be replaced can accelerate damage and breakdown and reduce performance and security. Here we look at how to tell when you should replace your commercial garage door.